Saturday, 17 July 2010

Museum of London

On my own time, I went to the Museum of London. Out of many of the museums we've visited, this was one of my favorites. Unlike the other museums who have collections from around the world, the Museum of London just focuses on the history of London from when it began till today. Just having one area of focus helped me stay focused.

Having a minor in museum studies, I'm more observant of how a museum is set up and how well its presented. I was very impressed with the Museum of London and found it to be user friendly and interactive. The displays were nicely made and colorful, there were touch screens to read more information, short videos to watch, time period clothes to try on, and drawers and doors to open. There was also things to smell and some displays had matching sound effects, such as people in jail or babies crying. I really enjoyed the video presenting all the plagues that came through London. The display on the Great Fire of 1666 had a huge model of the city and the buildings would light up to show when the fire started and where it spread. There were also varies books and manuscripts throughout the museum that could be seen and read.

Two other neat things about the museum was the Victorian section and the Thames section. The Victorian section was a mock up of a town. There were no information cards to read, but the patron could see into the varies stores to understand how life would of been in the 1800s. Throughout the entire museum, the patron could see all the objects that were pulled out the of the river Thames which was used as a giant dumpster for hundreds of years.

Also, the bookstore had some awesome books that dealt with the history of London. The Museum of London was a great museum and anybody who visits it will enjoy it.

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